About Belle Arte


1979: Chuck Borom, the owner and president, started by making frames in his own garage. He then decided to travel the world selling framed art. Starting with the letter A, the adventure began in Alaska, onto Australia, then Africa.

Cut to 1989: Never made it to B... instead Chuck decided to create Belle Arte. He settled down by opening a factory in Los Angeles to provide quality framing and by getting married to me, Lanna. Together we created a business that we love providing quality framing services to local artists, designers, and neighbors of LA.

We love to work with people who make art and people who love art. We make a vision a reality... produced on time, and within budget.

Our team understands deadlines and are talented, solution-oriented people intent on making you look great.

We treat every project as a unique partnership with you, our creative impetus.

I look forward to meeting you and your art.

Lanna Borom
Art Director
Belle Arte

Painting by my daughter, PJ Uriarte

Painting by my daughter, PJ Uriarte