The many shapes of a gallery wall - Find your style!


Here we will focus on the very first step of creating a gallery wall, deciding on its personality and shape. Some are more flexible and grow freely in time, and some take more planning and precise measuring. Which one suits your personality the most? Are you someone that keeps acquiring new art? Or do you have a collection that goes together nicely as a finished set. Decide on your shape and theme. What's most like your style?


The Circular Gallery Wall

Framing by us, Art by ZoeBiosCreative

Framing by us, Art by ZoeBiosCreative

Mix art with objects. One of two brass decorations are chosen as the center focal point, with its pair off to the side and then art circles around the two.


The Collection

Custom Picture Framing Los Angeles Gallery Wall Design

A collection of art is hung on a straight line of nails. Since the hook placement varies from their sizing, the frames are slightly out of line but have a consistency.  


The Asymmetrical Gallery

Asymmetrical Gallery Wall Eclectic Home Design

On this wall, various sets are placed across from each other, and a few small pieces and objects are mixed in to create a unique balance.


Find the theme that fits your style of the pieces you have and the way you collect to be able to decide what space and arrangement will be best.


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