How to frame large format photography prints

Featuring custom seasonal art by Pascal Shirley

In January, California is a place where you can visit the snow and surf in the same day. Pascal Shirley is a California based photographer residing in Los Angeles who captures the varying landscapes of Los Angeles and beyond. He does his own printing as well as offers classes on how to shoot and print your own work. He also offers a unique Art on Loan framed print feature, where he creates rotating seasonal art for a single client to cycle through as the year moves on, even though the seasons may not.


how to frame photography pascal shirley
How to frame landscape photography Pascal Shirley
Holden Outwear Headquarters, Venica Beach CA

Holden Outwear Headquarters, Venica Beach CA


For Pascal's pieces we went with two frames about the same size that were strong enough and with a big enough width and depth to hold the large Plexi Glass size. Our Matte White #2611 and Matte Black #79371 which are each approximately 1.5" wide and 1 1/4" deep.

Pascal's large format prints are framed with spacers so the image is set back from the plexi glass. (Plexi Glass, also known as Acrylic Glass, is safer because it is shatter proof.)  


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We love framing photography jobs and especially strikingly large format pieces, and the impact they have when they are framed up on a wall. Photography prints are most commonly done up in a simple matte frame, usually white or black, allowing the shot to jump out at you in all its detail.


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