To Frame or Not to Frame…

You've labored long and hard to create your piece of art and now it is done. It’s time to sell it and get it into the hands of someone who loves the piece and wants to put it in his or her home or office.


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So. Do you frame it or not?

Frankly, if you are selling your art online, it can be easier to sell unframed so you can package it in a good solid tube or flat pack. You can always add a frame to close a sale if the customer would like you to do that. But if you are going to show it, yes, you should frame it.

Next question: Any cheap frame, or a good quality frame? 

Perhaps you've had this conversation with yourself:
"If it needs a frame, then I'll just put a cheap one on. The buyer (fingers crossed) will probably change out the frame anyway, so I don’t need to spend much on this."

 No, no, no. Please don't think this way or do this. It's precisely because you toiled so hard over this piece of art that you must present it to an audience in the best light possible.

And that means a quality frame. Imagine the Mona Lisa framed in a cheap, plastic frame. Heavens! A cheap, inappropriate frame will instantly make the art look cheap too, even if the viewer doesn't consciously realize that's happening.

 In fact, a good frame actually helps sell art. Many galleries will insist on the right frame of very good quality.

Framing we did for Wanderlust Silent Action Benefit, Curated by @jessicasample

Framing we did for Wanderlust Silent Action Benefit, Curated by @jessicasample

So, it's important to frame your artwork when it will be displayed. Yes, it may cost you more, and sometimes a lot more. But you can be smart in pricing and how you work it out with a gallery. Some artists make it part of the deal that they get back the cost of the frame in addition to their percentage of the art itself. And if the customer wants the art but in a different frame, the gallery can give the frame back to you, and the gallery can charge the customer for the new frame. Both make out.

But there is absolutely no reason to potentially downgrade your art by displaying it in a cheap frame. Just make it your game to include providing an excellent frame for the piece from the beginning. 

 Having trouble choosing the right frame? If you don't have your finger on that pulse, that's ok. We are the professionals who know what works. Let us help you raise the bar on your own artwork by showing you how (and which) quality frame will shine new light on your piece and attract more eyes and hearts. And sales.

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 A few of our best-selling frames to local artists and galleries.

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Have you had better sales with framed or unframed art?

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