Here Are Some Ways to Display Wonderful Kid Art!

Of COURSE your child's artwork is special… even if it is in a pile, we know you have an art wall planned! Or maybe you have been sticking your child's art on the fridge or taped to a wall, and now there's no more room for the new stuff.  Argh! What to do?

To display your child's art shows recognition that your budding artist and his/her creations are valued. What better way to boost their self-esteem!

how to hand childrens art how to frame kid art

So, let's celebrate the art pieces your youngster creates and showcase them! Here are some great ideas you can implement that will elevate your little sunshine's work from the pile to a place of honor. But don't let these be the end-all. Maybe they will inspire a little creativity in you too!


You can replace the backing with cork board, which comes in a roll and is cut to size. Just pin the art to the framed cork.

$69.99  Shop Belle Arte Etsy

$69.99 Shop Belle Arte Etsy


Use one or more frames and remove the backing and the glass. Fasten the frame to the wall. Simply tape or pin the art piece to the wall behind the frame. Switch out the art whenever you want.


 Of course, a very simple way to display art is from a line of twine, ribbon, or even wire strung horizontally on a wall, just like a clothesline.  Use clips or decorative clothespins to attach the pieces to the wire. Easy to switch out.


Either install or use floating ledges you already have. Place the framed artwork on the ledges in any configuration you want. You can even overlap some of them for artistic flare - and it saves room!

Artwork by my grandson, Niko

Artwork by my grandson, Niko


 A very fun way to display kid's art is to have several different frames all matching in color and/or having the same shape or a mixture of different ones. Group them on a wall. This is especially fun in a child's room over the bed or desk, or an area reserved for this art. 


What if you have a LOT of art, and they are all special, but now you need to make room for more? Consider having many pieces all preserved in a poster. There are companies who will do this for you. You provide the digital photos and they will reproduce all of them on a poster. You can have several pieces displayed at one time (such as 10 of 12, each reduced in size.) The result is a quality poster showcasing the pieces. Finish it off with a frame and mat if you wish. Voila!


Don’t have a space just for your child's art? There is nothing wrong (and maybe a lot right) with hanging a framed original piece from your child among other framed works you already have hanging.

childrens art how to hang and frame kid art


There are so many ways to preserve, store, showcase and cherish your child's art. Let's help our little Picassos and Monets get a proper start by artfully and playfully showing the world what they can do.

We can help you make decisions or offer fun ideas for helping you show off your child's art. Just give us a call, or come on in with the artwork, and we can help you decide on the best way for you to pull it off.

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